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I love our readers - and they correctly pointed out that in my book, even though I researched all of the protein shakes on the market, why didn't I tell them about the one I thought was the best and save them all of that time and money trying to find the right one? Duh.

Our program requires a protein shake that is high in protein, low carb, low calorie and zero sugar. And of course, it helps if it tastes great.

So I reached out to the people at Pure Body Protein - who in my opinion, are hands down the best protein shake around. Each serving has 24g of protein, 180 calories, 1g of carbs and NO sugar. And the taste is amazing - creamy and delicious.

So I asked them if they could give our readers a special offer - and did they come through! Not only will you get a FREE Starter Kit (a $59.95 value) but 50% off every month for as long as you are on their subscription program!

FREE Pure Body Protein Starter Kit
with your monthly Pure Body Protein shake subscription
  • Pure Body Protein Shake Mix: Chocolate, Vanilla or Cookies N' Cream
  • Smart Shaker Cup: Great for on the go or at work
  • ​Pure Body Protein Recipe Book: Tons of tasty ideas
Special Offer Only For Our Readers!
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You Must Try This

Jayne A Ragonesi on Feb 07, 2020

This product is amazing. I've lost 10 lbs in less then a month using it as a meal replacement once a day. I also have stopped eating a lot of carbs, and I've increased my protein intake. I highly recommend this product to anyone wishing to loose weight. This product is a "win, win" in my eyes.

It Works!

Kathy Hearn on Feb 06, 2020

I've been using this protein shakes since July 2019. So far I've lost almost 50 lbs. The shakes are delicious! I love all 3 flavors. I mix them with unsweetened almond milk in the blender. I add ice cubes to thicken it. If you like, you can add splenda to sweeten it. It really fills me up and lasts for hours. The customer service is awesome too. I highly recommended this product!

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